Angular is the most popular front-end framework across the world. Google launched AngularJS 1.0 in the year 2012. Till that data this front-end framework is supported by the developer community. 

The AngularJS framework comes with many tools, functions, and frameworks. All these components help you to split your UI into different pieces. In this post we will discuss the popular Angular component libraries, which are most powerful and useful for your next app development project.

Angular components

This tool is the most popular collection of angular components. Angular components are built with typescript and Angular, Also this component implementing google’s material design. Also, the google material design will help Angular developers to apply modern elements to their next project.

Angular component

let’s check out angular components

  1. Tooltip, snackbar, and create popups like dialog.
  2. Toolbar menu, Side navigation and navigation bar
  3. Buttons, icon, progress bar, progress spinner, and chips
  4. control list checkbox, autocomplete, Datepicker, form field, radio button and input

NGX Bootstrap

NGX bootstrap is an open source and popular angular component. But front-end developers are not familiar with this framework. This component library gives you vastness of bootstrap capabilities so you can utilize it on your next angular app development project.

NGX bootstrap

Here is list of NGX Bootstrap components

  1. Carousel
  2. Alerts
  3. Accordion
  4. Collapse
  5. Datepicker
  6. Typehead

Prime NG

PrimeNG is the open source and most powerful angular UI component library. If you need high performance, featuring elegant and fully customisation UI components then the prime NG is one of the best options.

Prime MG

Prime NG gives you lots of component options like forms, panel, data, overplay, menu, charts, button and MISC. This component framework library is used by fox, eBay and other most popular organisations and it comes with 3.3K stars.

NG Bootstrap

The NG bootstrap is another most popular bootstrap component for angular development and It has 14.6k stars on GitHub. The NG bootstrap has high testing coverage and you don’t need third party JS dependencies.

NG bootsrtrap

NG bootstrap component list

  1. Carousel
  2. Model
  3. Popover
  4. Tooltip
  5. Datepicker
  6. Typehead

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is the most popular component library for mobile web apps for iOS and Android using javascript. Onsen UI comes with powerful CLI and development tools with monaca. This component’s main benefits are all UI components you can easily plug into your mobile app.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Onsen UI gives you lots of components like a carousel, conditional, controls, dialog, form, gesture, grid, list, menu, navigation, pages, tabbar,util and visual setting.

Vaadin Components

With the help of vaadin you can build beautiful web applications. Vaadin designed their components for both mobile and desktop and they work very well on both platforms. Vaadin Components is also known as a bridge between the angular component and polymer element. 



Here are few lists of Vaadin component

  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Charts
  3. Rich Text Editor
  4. Progress Bar
  5. Context Menu
  6. Notification
  7. Password Field
  8. Email Field
  9. Custom Field


Ng-zorro is one of the best libraries for Angular projects. This component library is a built-in enterprise-class UI design. And built-in Ant design. This library is made in Chinese and it is the best option for your next web development project. 

NG zorro

NG zorro

 List of vaadin components

  1. Check box 
  2. combo box 
  3. custom field 
  4. data picker
  5. List box 
  6. number filed 
  7. password field 

NG Lightning

Ng lightning is the most popular component design salesforce development. Also, this component depends on their input properties, So they will provide better performance. This library contains a native angular component and lightning design system CSS framework.

Ng light

NG lightning components are Accordion, alert, avatar, badges, Breadcrumbs, button icon, button, carousel, checkboxes, dynamix icon, menus, models, picklist, pills, popovers, prompt, slider, spinners, tabs, and much more.

NG Semantic-UI

Semantic is one of the best frameworks to help you to create responsive, beautiful layouts using HTML code. This component classes as exchangeable concepts. Also, this component use phrases called behaviors. Semantic UI gives you lots of options like 3000+ theming variables, 50+ UI components and 5000+ commits. All these components help you to develop your dream project.

semantic UI

The semantic UI gives you lots of elements like button, container, divider, flag, header, icon, image, input label, list, rail, step. Also, provide you lots of collection lists, views, modules and behaviors.


Clarity is another popular open-source angular component. And this component is a bridge between the HTML framework and angular component. This component is suitable for both developers and designers. The library offers you well-structured designed and implemented data-bound components options.



Clarity component list

  1. Alert 
  2. grid 
  3. login Page 
  4. password 
  5. progress bars 
  6. radio button 
  7. signpost 
  8. toggle switches 
  9. wizard
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