React JS is now the most popular open-source JavaScript library that helps you to build your dream project with mobile devices as well web also. In 2020 there is a huge list of UI frameworks and libraries available for reactjs.

And which one you pick for your next development depends on the complexity and your project requirements. Also, it depends on which framework and library will make your development easier. 

 Which one is best for your next PSD to reactJS development project we present a collection of Top 10 React Component Libraries for 2020

To help you out

Material Kit React

Material Kit React is totally free and inspired by google’s material design. This kit comes with fresh and new design and lots of more features. And this kit builds a separate set of element that put consistency as the main features.

Material Kit React
The major benefits of this kit is you can create a common library and then you can define and test components that can be reused again and again. This kit also contains much more basic elements like buttons, badges sliders menu, pagination, navigation bar and tabs.  Also, you will customize all the elements as per style and size.

If you are looking for the best reliable React js component library for your next PSD to reactJS project then the Material Kit React is the best option for you. Download now.

Ant Design for React

Ant design for react is another most popular component library for react js development. Why this is so popular nowadays and the reason is its comes with lots of features like Enterprise-class UI designed, high-quality React components, Written in Type Script and Powerful theme customization option.

ant design

ant design


This library is designed for enterprise level products development. This component library  contains high quality components and is based on the ant design project. These design components include icon, grides, buttons, breadcrumb, drop down menus and much more development options.

If you are planning to develop an enterprise level product then this component library is the best option for you. Download now.

React Admin

React admin is another most popular web framework for B2B applications. The react admin is comes with lots of features like relationship support, featured data grid option, undo option, rich text editor, filter as you type, accessible, optimistic rendering  and data validation option.

react admin

react admin

Also you can choose many variants and replace any component by your own components like theming, UI framework, custom fields and custom layout option.

This one is perfect for your B2B application development so its best option for your next react JS development, Download Now.

Shards React

shards react is modern react UI kit and an open source library. This library kit allows you to change all things in your development. This library is giving you blazing fast performance and well documented smooth developer experience. And code quality is best according to other libraries.

shared react

This kit has 270 stars in github. The library is based on shared work on react popper and NoUIslider. Also, this kit gives you 350+ components so you can build almost every type of website with shards.

If you want to build a standard website then the shards react is the best option for you and it’s totally free.


Material-UI is open source, fast and easier web development react component and with help of this library kit you can create your own design system. And the material UI is the most popular React UI component library.

Material UI

This kit gives you a large range of helpful components like app bars, autocomplete badges, buttons, icon, menus, slider, cards, dialog boxes and many more options. This React component option is perfect for your next website development project.

React Bootstrap

The next react component library is react bootstrap. This is the most popular front-end framework. With the help of this component, you can rebuild for React.

react bootstrap
The react bootstrap gives you all control and function for each component. The react bootstrap earned 14500+ stars on GitHub. And its most popular in react developers they will choose thousands of bootstrap themes and its ready for development.

React Virtualized

If you have any heavy data for building a frontend then this framework is perfect for you. Its comes with lots of features and security options. This library has many components like large lists, tables, and grids. For an example of these components, you will easily find columns, direction sorters, and window scrollers.

React Virtualized

React virtualized has less support for standard browsers and very few dependencies. Also, it includes mobile browsers for android and iOS. And this library gets 18,000+ stars on GitHub.

Argon Design System React

Argon design system React is a free design system for bootstrap 4. and also this library comes with 100 + modern elements that are implemented in your react code. 

Argon Design System React

The argon design system offers you pre pre-built page with all components such as colors, style, hover and focus option and fully coded components. All in this library you will get each element well presented in documentation. So you can understand about the logic behind this design system here. 


The blueprint is used in desktop application development. So when you need to build desktop applications this one is a good option for your next development. Also, these components are best for building complex and data-dense interfaces.


Blueprint is a react-based UI tool kit for web solutions. With help of this component library, you can pick a code for the display icon and interact with any dates & time and timezone, and more options. The blueprint has 15000+ starts on Github, Also this component library includes buttons, call-outs, cards, dividers, navbars, tabs tags, and much more options available.

Semantic UI React

The semantic UI based on human-friendly HTML with its development framework. This library is integrated with many technologies like react, angular, meteor, ember, and much more. 

semantic UI react

The benefits of semantic UI react is its jQuery-free, declarative API, augmentation, shorthand props, sub-components, and auto-controlled state. Also, this library has 11000 stars on Github.

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