Google Adword is the most useful and most complex advertising network and it provides lots of powerful features and tools. If you are familiar with Google Adword then you know that google gives you endless options and settings to promote your ads.

And one of the best options is deciding how your ads are triggered and it’s called a keyword, If you are thinking your ads show a particular keyword you have entered but you’d be totally wrong.

Google works on so many algorithms and its super smart search engine, Google optimizes your keyword and if they are similar to your targeted keyword, and you want to display your ads on similar keywords. There are lots of keywords available to choose and all of these keywords are working with different algorithms.

In this blog, we will discuss how keyword match types work and which one to use in your next Adword campaign.

What Are the Keyword Match Types?

Broad Match Type

broad match modifier focuses on every word and word synonym, You can use this keyword only for focus on broad audience. Broad match keywords include synonyms, misspelling, related searches and other broad relevant variations.

Broad match keyword:Ads may show on searches for:
low-carb diet plancarb-free foods

low-carb diets

low calorie recipes

Mediterranean diet books

low-carbohydrate dietary program

When you use broad match type in your ads campaign then your ads are eligible to serve ads for relevant variation of your search terms. Broad matches help you to attract more visitors to your website and help you to improve your brand visibility. a broad match keyword gets you more reach than a phrase and exact match.

Modified Broad Match

Modified broad match keyword is similar to broad match keyword but one difference is it allows you to use certain words as mandatory for targeting. Modified broad match, you will put a plus sign”+” in front of your keyword.

Modified broad match equivalent
+buy +blue +suede +shoes

+purchase +blue +suede +shoes

+shop +suede +shoes

Modified broad matches help you to increase website traffic instantly and its great way to find new keywords to add your campaigns. Also modified broad matches help you to save your time on negative keywords, so when you use this keyword type robust negative keyword and its match synonyms.

Phrase Match Type

phrase match keyword is most popular and most useful in ads campaigns, with help of phrase match keyword you can show ads who are searching for your keyword and keyword close variants of your keyword like synonyms. Also, phrase match is more targeted than broad match but phrase is more flexible than exact match type keyword.

Phrase match keyword:Ads may show on searches for:Ads won’t show on searches for:
“tennis shoes”shoes for tennis

buy tennis shoes on sale

red tennis shoes

comfortable tennis sneakers

tennis rackets and shoes

tennis players that wear red shoes

Phrases match particular  work of synonyms and similar keywords like you can use “tennis shoes” keyword in campaign ads may show on searches for relevant keywords like “shoes for tennis”, “buy tennis shoes on sale”, “red tennis shoes” and much more.

But phrase match does not show ads on other keyword trigger in search term like “tennis rackets and shoes”

Exact Match Type

Exact match type keyword, with help of this keyword match type you can show your ads who are particularly searching for your keyword and very close variants for your exact keyword. With the exact keyword included with the same meaning of your keyword.

Exact match keywordAds may show on searches forAds won’t show on searches for
[shoes for men]shoes men

men shoes

men shoe

shoes for a man

red shoes for men

buy men shoes

Here is the best example of an exact match keyword if someone searching for “sport shoes” or “shoes for sport” in these two keywords they want remains the same. Basically they are looking for sports shoes. Also a close variant of your exact match keyword helps you to connect with exact people who are looking for your services.