Are you having difficulty in deciding which framework to select, Angular or React Frameworks? Read this blog to clear the confusion.

Making a perfect choice of Frameworks for the development of Web Apps is half work done. Yes, it is correct! Most of the time in a project goes into the requirements collection and designing. Thus, this phase involves the selection of the framework. Before starting the development, it is mandatory to know which platforms and frameworks are we using. 

There are a lot of frameworks like Node.js, Express, Spring, Laravel, and many more. Angular and React are one among them that are both trending frameworks. So, let us see which is the best among both the frameworks.


This framework is mostly known as Angular JS, which was developed by Google in 2016. It is used to build large applications which use in this platform is Typescript, and the latest version is 7.1.5. Web applications like Google and Sony use the Angular framework. The model used in this framework is MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller). This has a large community of developers and supporters. Hence, it will be easy to get help whenever required. It is widely popular among developers.

Here is the link for the Angular framework

React JS:

Many people think of React JS is a framework, but this is not a framework, it is a library. This library was developed by Facebook in 2013. The language used here is Javascript. The model used in this library is the Virtual DOM(Document Object Model). Only the Facebook developers community is there for help. It is recommended to use JSX- Javascript XML. 

Here is the link for React JS Library:  

When to Choose React JS and Angular Framework:


  • It is used for the development of Native apps, Hybrid apps, and web apps.
  • It is used when the focus is to develop a large-scale, feature-rich application.
  • When the developer wants to use the structure-based framework, angular is preferred.
  • Simpler or medium-level apps can be built using this framework.
  • If we need higher productivity from the web application, then angular is the best choice.

React JS:

  • It is preferred for the development of SPA (single-page application) and mobile apps.
  • It is best suited for modern web development and native rendered apps for iOS and Android.
  • If you want to have flexibility in the development environment, then React is best suited.
  • If there is a need for customization of the application, React is the best choice.
  • If we can spend the time on the designing and pre-development, then React is suitable for your application.
  • In the process of continuous development, if the components of the app are going to be shared across many apps, then React JS would be the best choice.

Final Words

The right choice of frameworks for the development of the web application is a tough choice as there are a lot of frameworks available. PSDtoANY is a top company with experienced React and Angular developers, share your requirements today for the best web apps!