With the ongoing corona virus pandemic in the world, every IT and many companies started work from home. Nowadays the only point of contact is either view phone call or online meeting tools.

People are searching the meeting apps for connecting with clients and colleagues. Here we are posting some of the very popular online meeting tools for online group meetings.

Here is top 7 best meeting apps to use during covid 19


Skype is the most popular video calling app during the lockdown period. This app is launched by Microsoft. If you want to connect large numbers of people in meetings then this app is for you. You can connect 250 people in one meeting.


Skype has some limitations like audio call facility and its paid features. But another benefit is if you don’t want to install in phone or laptop then you can simply use skype.web.

Skype provides you many features like End to end encryption, Sync up your conversations and Supported browsers facility.


Zoom app is most popular video calling app nowadays. Every person uses this app for video calling like college students, school students, office employees, and much more people use it in lockdown period.

With the help of a zoom app you can do meetings, video webinar, conference room, phone system, chat on this app. In zoom app there are various plans available based on your business need, The price ranges from free and othe  is basic plan meeting to $19.99/ month plan available for that.

If you buy an enterprise level plan in the zoom app then you will get up to 200 meeting participants, also get unlimited cloud storage, custom email and also get vanity meeting urls.

Why you choose zoom app for meeting and the reason is its gives you up to 1000 video participants and 10000 viewers, easy to use app, its optimized to work reliably and most affordable app now in this lockdown period

WhatsApp Messenger

Every person in the world knows about whats app, this application is the most popular application for sending messages, videl calls and group meetings. You need to just install on your phone and start using this app.

This application is simple, secure and easy to use for your business purpose, you can add four users for a video calling app at one time. Also you can download on any device like android, iphone, mac or windows PC.

Google Meet

Google meet provides you real-time meeting facility by Google. Google meet is an upgraded version of google hangout. With help of this app, you can schedule your video meeting, add a calendar, and much more features.

If you want add your members in video meeting you can just click on the join or start meeting and then add you code and then you can simply start your meeting with your members,

Google Duo

Google duo is the most popular meeting app by google, The google duo is a simple app, high quality video call on any device like android phone, iphones and any kind of device. It gives you high quality results during the lockdown period.

Marco Polo (iOS, Android)

Marco polo is another one of the best video calling app for your business.Marco polo business tagline is “stay in touch with the people who matter most to you” 

macro polo

With help of this app you can connect your office members and this app video calling quality is too good. I suggest to you for this app to connect your team members and clients.


Houseparty is another most popular video calling app. Houseparty is a face to face social network.You can spend time with your family and friends with the help of this app during the lockdown period.


With help of this app you can connect with your family and friends with a secure network. This application gives you high quality results in video calling apps.