Those of you who need to promote their businesses towards targeting a huge number of customers often find it difficult to decide on whether to go for the conventional method of using websites or to opt for clickfunnels. While websites are taken up by most naturally, many of them who have enough experience and target more sales also go for clickfunnels. 

Why convert PSD to Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is basically a software that allows you to create sales pages and landing pages within the sales funnel. For those of you, who are thinking about what exactly is a sales funnel, it is a gradual process of leading the customers towards your product or services. A service provider like Clickfunnel possesses pretty designed funnels in order to support various kinds of businesses. All you have to do is pay a certain amount of monthly fee to the service providers.

Currently, Click Funnels has about 13.5% popularity in the category of business and consumer services, 4.29% in healthcare, 3.29% in finance, 1.91% in the electronics and telecommunication field and 76.26% in others. 

Benefits of Clickfunnels over websites 

While thinking about taking your business online, one might lookout for creating a website and stop right there. But prior to that, it is best to analyze why you might require a clickfunnel over a website towards targeting the right customers and generating leads from the beginning. Check out the four benefits of clickfunnels.

1. One-piece at a time

When it comes to a website, it often consists of too many calls to action which seem never-ending. But in the case of the sales funnel, the targeted audience gets one piece at a time in a systematic and orderly manner. 

2. Better conversions

It is true that one can also get conversions from a website though it possesses numerous technical constraints and is often a cumbersome process. Therefore, one of the best options is to opt for click funnels since they have specified design options for better conversion, look at Websites are often slow in conversions since their main motive is to keep the visitors glued constantly. 

3. Replicate and share 

Another crucial feature of click funnels is that it can replicate a funnel within just a click. It also has the feature to share a whole funnel to another user which gives it an edge over the website. Features like these are not something that you could expect from a website. Also, if you aren’t a developer or a web designer, it is merely impossible to bring about changes in a website. Therefore, in situations like these, the best option is to opt for click funnels since no complex coding is required. 

4. Funnel Order Changes 

Another feature of click funnels is that it lets you change the order of the funnels within a series of few clicks.  But performing the same task on the website becomes quite time-consuming since the changes are required to be made at the code level.  For every page, the code needs to be changed and it, therefore, becomes a cumbersome process for troubleshooting. 

Some Final Words

Ultimately, we can conclude that both the websites as well as click funnels allow you to create web pages for your online businesses. But while starting your business initially, you might wish to consider various factors such as cost. In situations like these, you might wish to start by creating a website since it’s cost-effective Now that you know how Clickfunnels can transform your websites into amazing sales funnel, rely on PSDtoAny’s excellent developers for your ultimate project.