In the 2020 era, there are lots of CMS platforms available for website development like WordPress, drupal, Joomla, Wix, and lots of but if you want to build a quick website at low cost then Duda is the best option for you. Also, Duda gives you an easy maintenance process and enables clients to contribute.

Some people want to build their website like a brochure website, they want simple eye-catching, quick, and flexible websites. Duda has all these features to fulfill requirements. With help of Duda, you can build a high-performance brochure website based on your PSD file. Also, great-looking sites are easy to build with Duda and they load faster than others.

If you have a design file and you want to convert your PSD to Duda website we PSDtoANY convert your PSD to the Duda website. Our experts create responsive websites and adaptive layouts through PSD to Duda conversion services. Hire our experts to work for you on your next project.

secure & stable platform

When you use Duda for your next CMS development project don’t worry about source code security because it’s the most secure platform. Duda used AWS automated backup features so uts allow to restore the database in the past 14 days.

Duda has also encrypted all duda build sites with Auto renewing SSL certificates. So you don’t worry about remembering to renew your SSL. Also, duda gives you best security features as all data communication networks are protected by a central firewell system.

You can be used under your brands

Duda does not just work well but it also looks great and the design element is too good to offer your customer. When you use the duda platform it’s easy to apply your company branding like logo, design and colors. 

When your client sees your attractive and polished site design then one question in his/her mind that it’s actually duda. With help of custom CMS adding your brand might be easy but duda gives you a sub-par option.

Powerful API

When you build CMS with an API then it would be extremely difficult but with help of duda you can do that. You can use the duda API for multiple purposes.

With the help of duda API, you can do custom API integration, SSO, instant websites, content management use case, vertical solution integration, and CRM and eCommerce integrations.

Duda never stops innovating

Duda is one of the best CMS platforms that has been continually innovated. So, free fell to choose duda for your next CMS development project. Also, Duda gives you weekly product updated to keep their product updated and maintain the industry’s highest standards for CMS.

If you use Duda for your brand, these product updates become your product updates without any cost.

24*7 support – Team and client

If you are a service provider then your customers and also your team matter, Duda gives you control on both. They gives you 24*7 support, With help of duda you can manage your team roles, client permission and tools.

Duda has customer success teams ready to learn more about your capabilities and duda product support.