Last 5 years, the eCommerce industry is growing around the world. According to the research, retail eCommerce sales are 3.53 trillion USD worldwide in 2019 and will reach 4.92 USD trillion in 2021. So these numbers tell us the whole story of the success of the eCommerce industry worldwide.

In 2021, If you plan to build an eCommerce website then you need to implement some latest trends in the market. In this blog, we will discuss 7 emerging eCommerce trends to watch for in 2021, and all these trends will help you to enhance your sales and user experience.


Today, most people around the globe are familiar with AR (Augmented reality ) and VR (Virtual reality) technology. This technology helps most industries and AR/VR technology also gives benefits for the eCommerce industries.

With help of AR technology, buyers can visualize their product in the real world, and understand whether their product meets their demands or not. And with VR technology, online eCommerce stores can offer you in-store experience and provide you all details of the product virtually to make the right decisions.

AI in eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence has already been used in eCommerce for product recommendations. With the help of AI in eCommerce, websites make their product smarter and enhance the customer experience.

AI has lots of benefits for eCommerce business like analysis eCommerce trends, analysis buyer behavior, price and other information about their product.

Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is becoming a trending topic for online shopping in 2021. Nowadays people are using smart speakers for their routing information and entertainment.

Voice commerce is a new way of shopping with new smart speakers. So if you are planning to build an eCommerce store then you need to consider voice search in your website. 

What you need to prepare your eCommerce site for voice search

  1. Optimize content for featured snippets invoice queries.
  2. ensure your product has clear information through voice search
  3. Add your product to amazon Alexa and Google assistants

Social Commerce

Social commerce is one of the easiest ways to get higher benefits from your eCommerce website. Nowadays people more and more use social media platforms so you will give your visitors the best deals.

Social commerce will become one of the trending eCommerce platforms for increasing your website traffic. With help of social commerce, you will get lots of benefits like consistent audience growth, higher search engine ranking, and more relevant website traffic to increase your eCommerce sales.

Increase in Mobile Shopping

Past few years, the number of mobile device users has increased rapidly across the world. In 2021, visitors will now feel comfortable shopping via mobile devices. In 2021 no one will ignore mobile optimization for their eCommerce website.

Mobile optimization can have lots of benefits like improving your user experience, improving website speed, increasing user engagement compared to desktop, improving your mobile SEO and attracting more local customers.


PWA is one of the most trending and popular in the eCommerce business. Every online business owner wants to increase their sales and improve their customers’ experience. a progressive web app is one of the keys to improve website sales and enhance user experience.

PWA has lots of benefits like 70% increase of mobile traffic, reduced use of device storage, increased conversions and increased user engagements.

Omnichannel Selling

In 2021 people can buy products on various platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and many other platforms, so eCommerce owners need to sell their product on multichannel is the new normal in the eCommerce industry.

How to increase omnichannel selling

  1. Optimize the website for mobile device
  2. Invest in PWA to increase sale and user experience
  3. use toll-like sap to offer a personalized experience