Front-end development is important and necessary in the software development process. But there are so many options for front-end frameworks and users confused about which one is perfect for their project. These front end development frameworks help you here to have the lowest cost development and faster mobile experience. To help you out check out our 5 front end development frameworks.


If you need to build one page application then react is perfect technology for you. The react development tool is maintained by the Facebook community. When you write code in React then its made entities called components and also, react includes an in memory data structure cache.

react js

ReactJS development Benefits

  • overall process of writing components
  • Boost your productivity
  • stable code
  • SEO friendly code
  • Easy developer toolset
  • Easy-to-learn

Why choose React?

React gives you permission to write modular and clean code. Also, it’s easy to understand and its separate components. Also, developers can easily maintain react code and easily update components in the website.

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Angular is an open-source front-end development tool and it’s totally free. Angular gives you facility to develop across all platforms like web, mobile web, native mobile and netive desktop application. Angular gives you smoother navigation for your visitor and gives you MVC structure for your development and its help to decrease the page load time. So, if you are planning to build applications on all platforms then Angular is the best option for you.

react js

Angular development benefits

  • Component-based architecture
  • High Performance.
  • Higher scalability
  • Clean code
  • Easy to understand

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Vue.js is also a popular front-end development tool now because it allows you to integrate with your existing application. Vue.js is an open-source javascript framework to build a one-page application and stunning user interface. Java scripts framework depends on size and Vue.js gives you a very small size java script so it’s easy to develop and understand.


Vue.js benefits

  • small size
  • Easy to Understand
  • Simple Integration
  • Flexibility
  • Two-Way Communication

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jQuery is one of the most popular front-end development tools, it’s very fast, small and features a rich javascript library. jQuery is open-source and free software using the permissive MIT license. jQuery provides you with an easy to use API and its work on all browsers.


jQuery Benefits

  • Used across world
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean and beautiful syntax
  • Animations and cool effects
  • Pages load faster.
  • SEO Friendly

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EmberJS is also a popular front-end development tool for ambitious web developers. If you want to build a modern web application Ember.JS is the perfect solution for you because of its productive, easy to use, and battle-tested javascript framework.


Ember CLI is one of the backbones of ember apps, When you create new entities ember gives you code generators for creating that and putting all your necessary files in the perfect place where you find them easily.

Ember.JS benefits

  • Nested UIs
  • Minimizes DOM
  • Easy upgrades
  • Fast Performance
  • Key-Value Observation

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