2020 has just begun and the winners in the IT industry are already showing up! One such service is front-end development. Read more about why front-end development is so important in 2020.

Till the end of the year 2019, it could be felt that world-wide new trends have taken place in context with front end development. As many of the front-end developers have come forward and shared their views and ideas, new and powerful tools have emerged.

As a person who has direct contact with IT and technology, it is very important to update oneself with the dynamics around you. Front end development is something that has quickened its pace and would be a matter of discussion in your offices. You need to update yourself with the tools the frontend developers are coming forward with so that you learn the desired skill.

The following upcoming trends of front end development give it a significant place in the year 2020:

Micro front ends:

Micro front ends is an extension to microservices that has gained momentum in the past year and would significantly improve its mantle in the coming year. More developers and companies are willing to undertake the concept of micro front ends in the coming year. If you are thinking that what are the micro fronts, then a simple answer would be that they will help the professionals to avoid their struggle with monolith frontend codebases.

It is gaining popularity because it solves the problem in complex and modern applications. It works well in organizational complex structures as well.

The popularity of micro ends can be seen by the fact that Cam Jackson, wrote about it:

“An architectural style where independently deliverable front-end applications are composed into a greater whole” 


There are a lot of frameworks in the market but react.js is the front end framework that is the most popular among all. Even in 2020 React.js would be dominant among the front-end frameworks that are based on Stack Overflow and State of JS surveys. Developers have always loved React.js and are planning to build beautiful and complex applications with it shortly as well. Another framework Svelte.js is also gaining recognition.

Web components:

Working with frameworks often results in patterned work. Web components are something that can be operated without using a framework or do not have any standard specified framework to work with. Web components have JavaScript APIs with the help of whom you would be able to customize certain elements of your choice. Other than that web components also consist of templates of Shadow DOM and HTML.

ES modules: 

ES modules support all kinds of browsers. Node.js which is known to everybody, could not stay behind anymore and therefore, fully supports ECMAScript modules. It uses a module format CommonJS to help them inter-operate although, it is on a limited basis. The capabilities would extend themselves in the coming year.

With the help of ECMAScript modules, JavaScript could be put to reuse. Various import and export statements are used to redefine the existing modules.

 Dynamic Imports:

There several things when we deal with applications and the most important of all the aspects is the performance of the application. Dynamic imports have a lot of features that would help you solve a lot of issues with its features and would also save your money that is lost on making the application performance better. With the help of it, you can load the modules dynamically.


JavaScript would take another leap forward in the upcoming year. It is so because it has very amazing features. Also according to the dynamic changes and requirements, new features will be added to it gradually.

Along with regular developments of the front-end with relation to the dynamics, some things would also remain the same as the previous year. Moreover, the developers need to consider the UX principles to make user-centric designs. Developers should have a stronghold on JavaScript has it is trending development language and would continue to grow in the coming years. PSDToany has the best developers to cater to your needs in the perfect manner to make your entire process hassle-free.

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