Every developer constantly looks out for new technologies, so they will enhance their tech support more powerfully. Adopting new technology makes your development easier and more productive. 

In 2021, statics site generators are now becoming trending technology and Gatsby.JS is one of the most popular technologies for static site generators. Lots of developers recommended Gatsby.JS for the next static site development project because gatsby.JS has lots of benefits like high security, SEO friendly, flexibility, ease to learn, and much more.

Today In this blog we will discuss Top 7 reasons why you should consider gatsby.JS for your next project. Also, are you looking for the best agency to converting your PSD to GatsbyJS then we PSDtoANY help you? Our experts create responsive websites and adaptive layouts through PSD to Gatsby conversion services.

Easy to learn and use

If are you interested in Gatsby.JS technology and want to learn more about this language then Gatsby.JS is very easy to learn and use technology If you have knowledge about javascript and HTML then its take one week or two weeks to learn these languages and you will make start your next development project and make money through this language.

Gatsby.JS is easy to use language and this language is integrated easily with other languages. Also you can create PWAs with Gatsby.JS.

popular and influential technology

GatsBy.js first version was released in 2017 and In 2021, Gatsby.JS is becoming more and more popular technology and gatsbyJS developers recommended this language for the next development project.

Also, gatsby.JS is a more influential technology nowadays because of its best security features and flexibility in development.


Every website developer and users wants their website performance to be fast and user-friendly, but it’s not possible with all websites, some websites take time to load and too slow for websites. But Gatsby.JS sites are two to three times faster than other types of websites because of their framework.

With help of gatsby.JS, you need to only develop your source code and gatsby will compile with webpack configuration to build your website. Gatsby follows Google’s PRPL architectural pattern, (push – render – pre-cache –  lazyload ), so that’s why the developer community chose gatsby.JS.

SEO friendly

Gatsby.JS is SEO-friendly technology and most liked by the developer’s community. Gatsby.JS provides SEO-friendly web design and helps you to improve your ranking. Making your site SEO-friendly means Google and other search engines can crawl each page easily.


Every website owner needs security in their website and Gatsby.JS provides the best security features in the website and inherits several security principles. Gatsby.JS provides various security features cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and third-party scripts.


Developers love to react over Gatsby.JS because of flexibility and extendability. Also, gatsby.JS easily paired with a headless content management system. Gatsby has support for css in javascript libraries and allows you to manage styles in your website.

Enhanced User Experience

Better user experience will help you to increase your conversion rate, and gatsbyjs will help you to enhance your user experience. Gatsby provides responsive images, better style, app-like experience, and user-friendly layout. All these features help you to increase your user experience.