During this pandemic, the approach for business has become more concentrated and customized. Read why hiring a dedicated developer is a good idea in present times.

We are all aware of the pandemic’s current situation, which is caused by the deadly coronavirus. The impact of the fatal pandemic can be seen around the Globe. The stock market has seen a massive fall in numbers, and numerous businesses have been shut down. The economy and other companies are suffering a lot due to the pandemic.  

Companies are strictly following the work from home policies not to comprise work while practicing social distancing by following the WHO guidelines. Work from home has been trending this year, and some significant pros and cons are offered by this method of carrying out the work. 

What is a dedicated developer team?

The business corporations for e-commerce projects, which can be either large or small, highly refer to the dedicated model team’s model. The model is relatively flexible and can be easily customized as per the requirements of the client. The dedicated developers can offer clients the designers, professionals, and developers to establish and enhance your business. 

Even if a considerable distance separates the employees, the developer team does not face any difficulties in carrying out the project. The main office and the team remain quite busy carrying out the entire projects for the eCommerce task, and the crew can still efficiently operate from their homes.

Pros & Cons of Work from home for having the dedicated developer team


1. Improve employee retention:

Employees love to work from home as it is convenient, easy, and comfortable. The software companies have made several changes which will enhance the retention of the employees.

2. Saving Finances:  

The IT companies receive huge bills due to having an office. Work from home has helped in saving a lot in terms of finances. The money saved can be used in the future for the benefit of the company. 

3. Focused approach:

The team can work with dedication without getting distracted by any foreign elements. The team is well aware of the development process and is always available for propositions and requirements. 

4. Knowledgable team:

Not all employees carry the same knowledge, which is related to the technical stuff. So you hire a team who has the necessary experience about everything so they provide solutions which are smart and creative and can benefit the whole company. Such a unit can also help you learn about the new developments that are being carried out in general. 

5. Free choice:

You can select the team members by your own choice. You can choose the appropriate candidate for your project based on their knowledge and project management skill. You can also add new members or remove any members as per your requirement. 

6. Flexibility:

The team that you have hired can easily allow modifications during the ongoing development process. They can assist in bringing the new projects with a changed direction into life. 


1. A Tricky Managing process:

Along with controlling the workflow, one has to also customize and carry out changes. For this, various tools like skype, GoToMeeting, Jira, etc., can make working from home a bit tricky yet structured. 

Now that you know all the pros, it is time to get the best developer team onboard. Hire PSDtoANY today to ensure the best dedicated services even during high times like the pandemics!

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