Next.js developers can offer easy solutions to complex of IT-related problems. Here are some things to ponder before hiring one.

Next.js is an emerging JavaScript framework developed by Vercel which is super-lightweight and open-source. This amazing framework is loved by developers and they are using it with ReactJS to develop robust server-side rendered web applications in no time. As people are getting more focused on web speed and SEO, they need to shift their development to Next.js for its ultra-loading speed and amazing SEO. But before hiring a Next.js developer, there are some things you need to consider beforehand!

Top Things to Know About Hiring a Next.js Developer

Given below are all the points that you must know while hiring a Next.js Developer for your upcoming static web app project!

1. They are Full-Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are the ones who focus on all the aspects of front-end and back-end construction. Being Next.js developers, they have a strong foundation in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Along with that, they are proficient in ReactJS development to design excellent UIs for static web apps. Thus, they can easily handle front-end development with ease.

For the back-end construction, they need to have adequate knowledge about Node.js to handle all backend operations with ease.

2. High-End Secure Development

Since Next.js ensures Server-Side Rendering (SSR), the page crawlers can easily read through the page and get it indexed for higher ranking. Moreover, in the case of static development, there is no middle-man available. Thus, no hackers can get their hands-on searching vulnerabilities and hacking into the site/app.

3. Proficiency in Different Concepts

You need Next.js developers who have experience in developing universal applications, code-splitting as well as static pre-rendering (server-side rendering). They are all the key aspects that will be used in the development process.

4. Good Communication and Problem-Solving Ability

You need developers who can communicate well and provide the best solutions for the problems. Since developers mostly work remotely, they can opt for different communication channels and communicate about everything with the team effectively.

Development is a field that requires analytical minds who can research for solutions and fix problems seamlessly.

5. Understand Feedback and Adapt Accordingly

In the end, Next.js development is done for different clients and if they offer some improvements or feedback related to design or any other component, the developer must be able to understand the requirement. Also, he must adapt his development as per the client’s specific needs.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are fully aware of all the factors, you need to ensure that while hiring a Next.js developer, you check with all shortlisted candidates that they have apt knowledge about all these aspects. PSDtoANY has expert Next.js developers to cater to all the needs of the project with excellent ease.