In this time of pandemic, Novel corona virus (Covid 19) spread more rapidly and affected many countries and their economy. Covid 19 is challenging us for our software development work but the PSDtoANY team decided to continue work from home.

We have more than 20+ designers, developers, coders and other staff who understand your value and work. We work on our methodologies to complete your software development. 

If you have any project and due to covide 19 the work is not completed, then you can outsource your work with us. 

For communication we use google hangout, skype, zoom and slack tools. And if required we track time with the most popular tool hubstaff. For code management we use GitHub. All these tools help you to track your work.

How our team can help you during Covid 19

We are having dedicated professionals available to work on different technologies like Open Source Development, PHP Coder, UI/UX Designer, React / Angular / HTML Front-end Developer and Mobile app Developers. You can hire our dedicated professional who will work on your project. 

Advantages of hiring dedicated team

Focused Approach

Our dedicated development and design team work with no interruption. Our team is 7+ years experience, also good understanding and our developers are always available for contact.

Knowledgeable team

Our dedicated team you hire is completely knowledgeable and they give you smart and creative solutions for your business. Also they have skill to resolve any error and problem in your project. Also they are completing your project with a time limit and giving you quality code and easy workflow, so you can easily understand your project.


In this pandemic time we give you cost effective development service. Because now is the time. during this time we understand your situation and we decide that we work cheaper than usual. We give you 20% off on your development cost. 

Our team of dedicated developers work as a well-composed and an effective team but at a lower cost. This combined advantage is so rarely seen.

Agile approach

Our dedicated developers work on an agile approach. Our team will try 100% for your project and will be done on time with fulfill all your requirements. The whole team works as a system in developing a solution or strategy. Thus, utilising the performing potential and strengths of all, the most effective work comes up in far less time.

Free choice

We PSDtoANY allow you to select your team members. We give you permission to choose your perfect candidate for your next dream project and during your development you can reduce your staff if required or add more team members.

Manage the process

If you worried about the work process and status about your project? Don’t worry about that. You can track our workflow, give comments and suggestions on development. Also we use secure communications and tracking tools so that will make your development easy. We use tools like google hangout, skype, hubstaff, and github so our work goes smoothly.


If you want any modification and suggestion During your development we allow you to modify your project. We are very flexible in the approach to development and we include all possible suggestions and recommendations that can enrich the work. Finally, all innovative ways would be put together and the best form of work would be the end result.

Hire dedicated developers