Email marketing is necessary for any kind of online business, With help of these tools you can direct communication with your client and you get leads. Also, email marketing helps to provide a positive ROI for small businesses and helps to increase revenue. Email marketing is most popular in 2020, and that’s why we decided to create a beautiful html email templates list and share with you. Also, all these HTMl templates are responsive, mobile-friendly and free to use.  We PSDtoANY convert your PSD to  HTML5 website. Our experts create responsive websites and adaptive layouts through PSD to HTML5 conversion services. Hire our experts to work for you on your next project. Check out our top 10 responsive HTML email templates which all are suitable for all kinds of email marketing campaigns and you will increase your business and leads.


Creating a new HTML email template can be a challenge in itself, but if you want to create a responsive email cerberus will help you that. Cerberus will give you a few simple but pretty good patterns and all optimize email for small screens. Cerberus Thr cerberus template gives you multiple template options like fluid template, responsive template hybrid template. All these templates are responsive and mobile friendly so you can create your stunning email campaign.


Mailto is another most popular for creating stunning email campaigns for your business. WIth help of this tool you can create a responsive and mobile friendly Email template and it will help to attract your visitor and improve your leads. Mailto In this tool you will get two pretty responsive HTML email templates and pick according to your requirement and create your email campaign. First layout is for bloggers, features last post and another is simple, text only, personal massages email templates. Also, Mailto offers you to share your address, social media accounts and most important is a call to action button.


Omicron is another most popular email template and also known as mailbakery omicron.  This template is mostly used in business email like business events, webinars, gigs and latest blog posts. Omicron Omicron gives you fully responsive, eCommerce templates and carefully tested templates. Also, you will add footer links, social media account and other business information will help to convert your subscribers into leads.

Good Ol’ Bakery

Good OI’ bakery is another most popular email template and its mobile friendly and fully responsive design option. If you have a bakery or restaurant business then this HTML email template will help you a lot. Good Ol’ Bakery This template provides you modern, clean, elegant web design, and all these elements will help you to increase your Click through rates.


Zeta is another popular free HTML email template that comes with a modern timeline, testimonials section and lot more. If you are running a blog, online store or digital agency this template will help you and create a professional email template. Zeta This template gives you lots of features like timeline, social media button, call to action and blog post option. Also, the HTML template is fully responsive and carefully tested templates.


Shopilicious is another free HTML email template and gives you lots of features to create your stunning email campaign. If you are running an eCommerce platform then shopilicious is the perfect solution for you. Shopilicious Shopilicious is comes with lots of features like pretty colors combination, call to action, fonts, social media integration and coupons codes. If you want to increase your business orders then use this tool for email campaigns and it will help you a lot.

Be Shoppy

Be shoppy is another most popular HTML email template for ecommerce. This template is designed in golden and black colors, so your product looks high class and you will increase your product sales. This template is fully responsive and mobile friendly and ready for eCommerce template. Be Shoppy With help of this template you can promote your product like bags, accessories, electronic and other ecommerce products. The template comes with lots of new features like you can add your call to action buttons and also integrate your social media accounts.


Litmus is another popular HTML email template and tested in 50+ email clients.With help of this email template you can create campaigns like newsletter, product update, receipt, and simple announcement. Litmus Litmus is integrated with everythings like google drive, salesforce, slack and trello, so you will manage and track all kinds of information.

Responsive HTML Email Framework

This HTML email template is pre pre-built grid option with basic components, But one thing is you need to create your responsive HTML email template. This email framework supports 60+ email clients and is trusted using litmus email template tool. Responsive HTML Email Framework This open source template provides modules, blocks, row, grid, spacing elements, call to action button, images and other help full elements might help to create your stunning email campaign.


Passion is another popular HTML email template and comes with amazing design and customer service. Passion template gives you pretty good design so it looks like you will be sending an actual website template to someone in the email. Passion This HTML template comes with lots of features like call to action button, amazing colors, images, grid, modules. Also, you can integrate your social media account.  All, these HTML email templates will help you to generate leads, and increase click rate. Also, If you have another list of HTML email templates please fill in the comment box.