In the mobile app development market, IOS is creating ripples. Here we bring forth the latest trends in iOS mobile app development 2020.

In the world of mobile app development iOS has a very significant role. It is very important to know the new trends in mobile app development to stay in the competition. Check out the latest trends of iOS mobile app development in 2020 below—

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our regular life. Sometimes we use AI technologies without even knowing. This advanced machine learning makes our day-to-day life smoother. Therefore, incorporating AI technologies into iOS mobile apps can provide a more personalized and standard experience to the customers.

Data security:

Nowadays, every user looks for security while using any digital devices. Data protection is also very important to avoid any type of cybercrime. iOS mobile app development offers a revolutionary security system that includes Face ID and Touch ID to ensure the ultimate safety for the customers. So, it is very much in trend to develop iOS mobile apps with high security for secured user experience.

Augmented and Virtual Reality:

With the help of Augmented Reality, it is easy to add the real-life environment virtually. In past years Augmented Reality was connected to different gaming apps. But at present, AR is added to iOS app development for a more realistic customer experience. Whether it is a gaming app or a shopping app, Augmented Reality can go well with any type of mobile app development. It will help the customer to get a real-time experience of the products in advance so that they can make decisions accordingly.


Incorporating geo-location into the iOS app development, undoubtedly, is going to be one of the top-most trends this year. With time the demand for geolocation is gradually increasing for any type of apps. Starting from a food delivery app to a shopping app, it is very important to track the orders. Hence, geolocation in the mobile app is highly required for a better customer experience.


Wearable devices are the hottest trend now. There is a high chance that in 2020 it will increase even more. Wearable devices like smart-watches or fitness trackers need a strong connection with your mobile so that they can be operated effectively how to find car rental service in phoenix. In such cases, one application is developed for the device, and the other one is for your mobile. Since the number of wearable device users is improving every year, so this trend is there to stay for a long time.

Image and voice recognition:

With this technology, users can search for anything they want without typing. It completely works depending on the voice commands and scanners such as Google Lens. Putting these features into the iOS app development will definitely influence your revenue.


Chatbots are used for high-level customer supports. Already there are several types of iOS applications available that are developed with integrated Chatbots or AI-powered Chatbots. By incorporating Chatbots into the iOS app, you can ensure instant customer service for 24X

Thus, the future belongs to iOS. Contact the PSDtoANY iOS developers to get the best apps equipped with all features for a smart solution today!