E-commerce business development has gained momentum over the past few years. The world has got used to the fruitful taste of online presence. The best thing about online business is ample sales opportunity, greater profits, and flexibility. The growth of e-commerce led to the rise in various web development platforms. 96 percent of the B2B marketers have adapted strategies and models to escalate their online business growth with the platforms.

One of the most efficient platforms among the masses is the Magento platform. The advanced feature set of Magento allows developers to build a result-oriented website. In this post let us see Why Magento is the ideal choice for e-commerce development?

Noteworthy features Magento

  • It has an enhanced 2-factor authentication
  • Efficient purchase approval workflows
  • Effective seller-assisted shopping to enhance customer service
  • The best In-store pickup
  • New media gallery
  • PWA development that is faster and easier
  • Headless commerce
  • Asset managements

Open source and free access platform

The Magento e-commerce platform is a free platform making it easily accessible for everyone. Anyone who wishes to start an e-commerce platform can download Magento and install it. You don’t have to pay any licensing fee for the platform. It is an open-source PHP-based platform that is simple and easy to use. Magento provides free extensions for owners to customize.

Feature-rich platform

Magento is not just resigned to a set of basic features. It offers a wide array of features suitable for various businesses. The advanced search capability of Magento makes it possible to find state-of-the-art functionalities.

Helps in managing orders

The customers can re-order their previous purchases easily; they can receive notifications via email and print invoices with an eCommerce platform on Magento. The customers can also get a Simple Syndication (RSS) feed for the new orders placed. The RSS is an online file that has information about a site that has been published.

In-store pick up

There has been a sudden increase to buy online, pick-up in-store orders from last year. With the in-store pickup feature, the physical inventory location available for the customers as pick-up options in the inventory can be easily managed by the merchants. The customers can easily locate the pick-up location that is near them during the checkout.

Excellent performance

Magento is a winner when it comes to minimizing page load times, query processing, and various other static operations. It escalates the high performance of the e-commerce platform. Magneto also is known for its thousands of extensions which can easily be customized.

Payment options

You can include a variety of payment options to improve customer satisfaction. It has provision for all popular payment methods like PayPal, Authorize.net, Google checkout, Amazon payment, bank transfer, and COD.

Bottom line 

Magento is a perfect platform for one who looks for a budget-friendly option. Magento is the best in the market that offers a high-perming platform at a reasonable price.