For ecommerce website owners the platform of Magento is like a boon. Shifting from Magento 1 to Magento 2 offers great benefits. To know more today, read the blog.

The whole world has turned to a new normal that is digitizing the business. The main reason for this trend is the youth purchasing more things online as they are most convenient. In this competitive world, each second has value, and we, being busy like to get everything done without any hassle and waste of time. 

It has given rise to many businesses like food delivery, grocery delivery, shopping, and many more. The shopping website is currently considered as one of the successful ideas in the business. 

Magento is an E-Commerce platform that provides the best solution for hosting online stores. It is an open-source E-Commerce platform with both paid and free versions available for organizations. 

Improvement is continuously needed to be top in the field. And hence Magento Platform too got a second version-Magento 2, an improved version of Magento 1. Many stores hosted in the Magento 1 Platform are in a dilemma whether to migrate from Magento 1 to  Magento 2.

What are the risks of not Upgrading:


Security is the main concern of online customers. If your website does not provide security, then it is the main drawback and users refrain from using it. As PHP 5.6 has ended and Magento has stopped publishing Community and Enterprise 1, security breaching chances are more.

Outdated Modules:

As the modules and extensions are updated to newer extensions, if your websites got a functionality problem, there won’t be any technical support or assistance to solve your problems.

Why to upgrade?

Magento 2 is the improved version of Magento 1. And obviously, it provides greater scalability and better performance.

  1. The page reloads faster than the Magento 1 page. Magento 2 can handle more load that is more orders.
  2. The checkout process has undergone a User Experience design again. It is capable of handling 33 languages.
  3. Magento 2 provides the best experience in searches with elastic searches enabled. Traffic on the webpage has been reduced by using the Ajax add-to-cart system.
  4. Integration of websites with different other systems has become easier. Testing has become very easy and traffic while testing has been reduced.
  5. Specific high-end hardware requirements have been reduced.
  6. Magento 2 provides better mobile designs and is search engine friendly. It has a better admin portal than version 1, and customer deployment can be done on your own server.
  7. Promotions, content creations are made easier than earlier versions.
  8. New modules and extensions installation process has become more accessible and less costly. 
  9. Automated business rules are added to increase the efficiency of your business. Hosting in Magento’s cloud has been made easier.


If a version of an already existing solution is developed, then definitely it will be an improved version of the previous one. So, it is better to migrate than staying in the older versions with fewer facilities. Magento developers at PSDtoAny will cater to all your needs in the best way, contact them today with your dream project.