Wrong or incomplete information does more harm than anticipated. Here we are busting some commonly prevalent WIX website development myths.

Myth 1: WIX websites are not compatible with SEO

Usually, search engines like Google do not depend much on any particular website builder. So your SEO websites do not have much impact on your search engine’s results. People commonly believe in this myth without knowing the fact, but the truth is when you have started to increase SEO on your WIX websites it will definitely make a good chance to be shown up at the top of the results of your search engines as a website. You can have more detailed information on our blogs to know how WIX websites work well with SEO.

Myth 2: Products available on WIX online stores can not be SEO optimized

There is a vague belief that products are not SEO optimized on WIX online store, which is completely wrong. Sometimes people get confused about WIX website development without knowing the actual truth. But you will be amazed to know that we add schema.org tags to the products in order to optimize the products according to their categories with proper description. This category includes price, availability, name of the products and more so that you can choose WIX without any second thoughts.

 Myth 3: WIX websites are not developed enough to compete with other complicated websites

As you already know that in the case of SEO, search engine results do not depend on the websites, so there will be no big difference in results with our code-free WIX websites.

We ensure that your site will be shown up on Google’s first page even after you create less complicated websites with WIX. Content matters the most for your SEO websites. If you have content-rich SEO websites, you can easily get a higher chance to rank top in search results.

Myth 4: WIX websites are not good enough for mobile search

Some people are likely to believe that WIX websites are not appropriate for mobile searches. But it is better to know that WIX websites automatically get optimized for mobile search engines after you take steps to make your sites look better on the mobile screen best commercial office furniture. Google has declared that sites that can be mobile optimized will have a higher SEO score from now.

Myth 5: WIX websites do not show good results in search engines for slow loading

We ensure that WIX websites have a faster loading time compared to many other websites. Sites having slow loading can be penalized by search engines. With a view to that, we have to bring a big change in loading time over last year.

WIX websites can load 2 seconds faster now better than other websites made somewhere else. In case you find a slow loading speed we will suggest you check your site speed and take steps to accelerate the speed of your website.


So get in touch with WIX mobile editor to know how to make your website look better on the mobile screen as you desired. At PSDtoAny, our Wix developers provide the best WIX websites that have outstanding design and features.