In 2021, internet traffic split 40/60 between desktop and mobile. Progressive web app development is trending now and lots of customers convert their websites into PWAs. But there are many web development frameworks in the market and choosing the right framework for your development is a complex and tricky task. 

What’s a Progressive Web Application (PWAs)?

The Progressive web application is also known as PWAs describes web applications that help you to enhance particular features to deliver a native app-like experience.

With help of PWAs yon can install websites as applications to mobile device’s, Also PWAs technologies provide useful features like offline accessibility, fast loading compared to other apps, push notification, background update, and more.

Choosing the right PWAs framework is very difficult but today’s in this blog we will discuss the Top 7 progressive web app development framework for 2021, we will help you to choose the right framework for your next PWAs development.


Angular was built by google in 2010. AngularJS uses javascript for building reliable PWAs. angular 5 is one of the first versions that support PWAs. With help of angular JS progressive web apps allow JSON configurations to build web apps from scratch.

Angular PWAs have provided a clearly defined methodology so when you create your PWAs it’s easy to implement and use. Another benefit of angular is its large community of developers. Also, angularJS provides reusable components for PWAs.


ReactJS is another popular PWAs development framework in 2021 and reactJS was released by Facebook in 2013, why most people choose to react for their next PWAs development because react provides an extensive javascript library.

react js

ReactJS have lots of benefits for PWAs development like ReactJS. PWAs are highly flexible and scalable, developers use the same code for native apps, provide virtual DOM so the rendering process makes speedy.


PWABuilder is another most popular and founded by Microsoft, also this framework is an open-source framework and provides you with the fastest way to develop web apps across all platforms and devices.

PWAbuilder helps you to quickly and easily turn your website into an app. Also, PWABuilder has a strong community of developers in 2021 across the world and supports iOS and Android app development.

The main benefit of it is its converts your website into PWA with less time and you don’t need to hire dedicated developers. 


VueJS is open source and another popular PWAs development framework for 2021, the vuejs work under MIT license. The development process is easy to get started with Vue and some useful features like high-speed rendering, routing, and simplistic coding.

VueJs main benefit is it’s just like react and you will add additional packages for Vue JS development, also provide detailed and easy-to-understand documentation to help the developers’ community.  But the main cons is there are few vueJS developers in the market so you need to find a good developer for your next development.


Ionic is another popular PWAs web development framework and Ionic is an open-source SDK, Ionic is based on angular and Ionic provides pre-designed Ui components and gives you developer-friendly tooling.


Why choose Ionic for your next PWAs development is to provide a massive library of components for both platform android and iOS. 

Ionic has lots of benefits for PWAs development like Ionic is open source so you don’t need to buy it, you can use Ionic with any technologies like Angular, Also Ionic is easy to maintain and provides an extensive library of plugins for your PWAs development.


Svelte is another new component framework but it will become a trending PWAs development framework in 2021. the svelte framework was released in 2019 and this framework is distributed under the MIT license.


let’s check out svelte benefits and it provides faster page loading speed and syntactic analysis. With svelte you need to write less code, also don’t need a virtual DOM and truly reactive PWAs development framework.


The polymer is another popular PWAs web app development framework because the polymer is developed by Google and its open-source web development framework. polymer provides many PWA tools and components also its uses JS, JSS, and HTML make this framework independent.

Polymer gives you tools, libraries, and standards for better web application development and Polymer has a lot of benefits like easy-to-understand APIs, polymer comes with good documentation so you can simply implement the development process.