When mobile apps started out, website owners had to create separate mobile websites and this website has less content compared to desktop versions. And owners need to twice maintenance for their product or website. And then we entered the era of responsive web design, but still has its limitations.

Native apps are also popular and certainly aren’t going away anytime soon. But they present lots of challenges for developers and customers.

The past couple of years, progressive web apps have been on top, and they seem to be solving problems for native app and responsive web design.

In this blog we will discuss the top 7 reasons progressive web apps will be the future of application development.


Cybersecurity is one of the topics on everyone’s minds. and https is new standards in security features in websites but still is not enough to guarantee for customers information protection.

80% of websites are being programmed in HTTPS, so with the help of PWA you can easily launch PWA in a  secure environment. Customers feel secure when they enter their personal information into your PWA via a secure connection.


Speed is most important for every application and responsive design and PWAs are most reliable when it comes to their speed.

How it works so fast because all java scripts are run separately from the main web thread and it enables your PWA to load nearly instantly, and not matter poor connection of the internet.

PWAs are very fast and reliable for caching all information in the browser and application. and work on smooth animation, support all navigation features and scrolling.

Native App Flexibility

When you launch PWA in your browser, you get the full native app experience. Every shell of PWA looks like an app and all gestures you will customize with native app. PWA is also providing many features like managing customer information, online ordering and loyalty programs.

Offline Access

PWAs provide one of the best options is offline access, where all service workers fetch API and use cache to load your PWA, so it takes less time and tries to load your content faster than others. and this function allows users to load the PWA offline from your home screen.

Offline access gives you one of the best features when a user has no internet connection, but your PWA can still send background updates and notifications to your users.

No App Store Middle Man

The major benefits of PWA is you need an app store or any middle man for your application. all nartive developers is deal with app store, and when you develop your native app you must need to register your account with relevant app store and pay fees for each downloads and any in app purchases, 

but with the help of PWA you don’t need to register with google play store or apple. So, if you want to build a low cost and faster app then PWA is one of the best options for you.

Make Adjustments Fast

Another benefit of PWA is you can make adjustments fast. When you develop your app and if you want to update your app then you don’t need to send new build code to the app store. 

Here is one example, when you realize you have a bug in your native app, so your developers need to find the problem and fix it and send it to the google play store and apple and wait for them to review and update and then new updates will be available to your customers.

But with the help of PWA you don’t need to do these things, only you will update your app and it will be ready for new updates for your customers.

Real-Time Discovery

Do you still remember our customers’ journey to finding native apps? PWA customers can discover then when they are relevant to they are doing. Simple example of this is google search, pull up your website and launch the visitor into your PWA.

PWA also maximizes your reachable audience through your website’s SEO efforts.