With the advent of mobile framework networks, building cross-platform is trending nowadays. React Native and Flutter are the two most popular cross-platforms that are used to build several thousands of mobile apps that are trending today.

The most common question that occurs among developers is which platform to prefer for their mobile app development. There is no exact answer for this question, the thing is based on your business needs and purpose it is identical to choose the powerful tool for building the mobile app.

Trending mobile app technology in the market

According to the stack overflow survey, Flutter ranks higher than React Native. The Flutter ranks with 75.4% whereas React Native receives 62.5% among the framework developers. 

Similarities of React Native and Flutter

React Native and Flutter mobile apps have a lot of similarities. It uses one code base, excellent UI, hot reloading, native features, and amazing tooling. They have very few differences between them.

React Native: 

React Native is completely written in JavaScript with the help of React. It is also easy to program for JavaScript developers around the world. 

Facebook follows React Native since 2015, and it has a dedicated team to work under React active programming. 


It is written in a language called Dart. It is a unique programming language and does not have the popularity of JavaScript. Hence it is easy to get a job with unique language learning.

Flutterby Google 

When compared to React Native, Flutter is relatively a new framework. It is an open-source SDK that was powered by Google for creating Android and iOS using a single codebase. Google community invests a huge amount in Flutter as it builds the best cross-platform apps.


Flutter performs better in building cross-platforms than React Native. The reason behind this is, Flutter does not use JavaScript Bridge to interact with native components. Dart code is compiled in a way to interact with native components without JavaScript Bridge.

Dart shows better performance, excellent framing, and improved efficiency in the cross-bridge platform output when compared to the React Native.


The developers feel comfortable and easy to adopt React Native mobile apps. The success of output and the JavaScript programming language can easily create fast and best mobile app development. Some of its commonly used mobile apps are Uber, Instagram, Facebook, Tesla, Bloomberg, etc.

The Flutter mobile app was extensively used by Google for its Android and iOS mobile applications. Alibaba is the online shopping platform that uses Flutter for cross-platform.

The most trending and emerging contender is Flutter that will be embraced by a lot more people in the future of cross-platform mobile app development. Get in touch with us for accurate technical help.