According to recent statistics, two major mobile apps play a significant role in app development. They are React and Angular app developments. Both are used for the front-end software developer program. In this blog, we are going to see the best choice of mobile app development that shows effective output and the best result in the market.

React and Angular: A Brief Overview

React JS is open-source software that was introduced for a dynamic user interface. It is purely based on JavaScript, JSX, and PHP extensions. This was developed by Facebook.

Whereas Angular is open source software and it is a part of a MEAN stack that was designed by Google that is compatible with a large number of code editors. This is mainly used for creating dynamic websites and web apps.

Comparison between the two top-notch front-end technologies:


Angular JS is a complex structure that is mainly based on three layers: Model, view, and controller. Angular JS is used in apps to breakdown the app’s code into different files. It helps for the reuse of templates and their structures.

Whereas React on the other hand follows different architecture, it offers a better way of developing a tree-like component structure in which definitions are declarative. The library of React comes with functional programming which is easily readable and structured logically.

UI Component 

The main differentiating point in Angular Vs React is the UI component. The React UI tools are developed using its community. These are easily available in React portal.

Angular comes with a build-in tech stack model, it comprises the number of pre-built components of material design. It helps the developers to work extremely fast and simple.


In React, the logic and templates are explained at the end of every structure and component. It helps to enable the reader without knowing its syntax. But in the case of Angular, the templates are returned with the syntax of Angular directives and their attributes. It is complex for the reader to understand the returned templates.


React uses multiple tools like Sublime Text, Visual Studio, and Atom. Similarly Angular also uses the same tools of React such as Sublime Text, Visual but in addition to this, it uses an editing tool called Aptana.

In the Angular model, the server-side is rendered through Angular universal while in React it uses the Next.js framework for server-side rendering. For bootstrapping projects react uses Create React App (CLI) tool.

The noteworthy advantage of Angular over React is, the Angular is tested completely with a single tool with effective results. The tool can be Karma, Jasmine, or Protractor.


As per Google Search, React has more number of searches than Angular. But technically both have almost equal popularity in the current time. Hence, both the front-end development frameworks have the same community support.

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