It’s time to bid goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with fresh new plans for your online business. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right eCommerce platform in 2021.

The internet has been able to function accurately for a long time to have full access and benefits of the eCommerce platforms. All online stores work similarly but a bit different as compared to the physical stores. In online stores, the products are displayed very clearly to search and reach the item very quickly. 

As the customers can only view the product, they cannot touch the product; it becomes more important to give accurate and straightforward descriptions. 

The technology has been improved massively so that now you have quick access to all of the eCommerce platforms with the website, which works the best for you to build all these platforms by yourself.  One can be a part of the eCommerce online store and build these stores from scratch. 

There are specific platforms that are quite popular amongst users for online stores. 


Shopify is a top-rated eCommerce platform which is enormous.  It can easily manage all the Business, which is of any size. At least one million merchants use this platform on more than 1.5 million websites. Shopify is very flexible, and that is the reason for the massive popularity of Shopify. It is an easy and quick eCommerce back end, comprised of built-in features like the CMS, multiple themes, etc.


Magento is a well-known open-source platform that has also gained massive popularity over time. This platform targets the audience with the web development experience from professionals.  Websites that can afford a department or eCommerce platform use these sites to comprise back-end interface and feature list. Magento provides excellent and easy flexibility, but the users who have just begun using this interface may find it challenging to use. 


The WooCommerce platform is also an open-source platform that can also be customized by entrepreneurs. The features like the WordPress and SEO capabilities offer excellent beneficial properties. You can access the payment gateways like PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, and plug-ins for email tracking and shipping. 

Square Online:  

With Square, you can easily carry out all of the credit card payments since 2009. The Square was established as a solution that could help in the transactions which happened in person. Square lacks the number of available options for customization as it does not provide users with any themes. Small and independent businesses, along with the small catalogs, will find the Square best for use.


This platform is said to be the best eCommerce platform for all online businesses. Users can easily add all of their products and build their websites from scratch. Bigcommerce is a very organized platform that contains very clear instructions for its users and the easy process of setting the setup. In Bigcommerce, you can also add as many additional capabilities according to your requirement. It contains more than 800 apps that can assist you at every step of the website’s development.  

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