WooCommerce is the most popular, open-source eCommerce WordPress plugin, If you have a small or large business and want to take your store online then WooCommerce is the best option for an online store. WooCommerce is most popular because of its very easy to install and customize.

When you launch your store online you need to take care of some things like design, features and most important things are security because you need to secure your store from hackers.

In this blog, we will discuss 7 easy ways to secure your WooCommerce store from hackers, and if you want to customize your WooCommerce store we PSDtoANY help you. Our dedicated WooCommerce developers create a responsive and adaptive layout through PSD to the WooCommerce website.

Secure Hosting

Choosing the right hosting provider is the first important step to building your website. So make sure your hosting provider uses the best server-level security for your secure website. With secure hosting, you need to protect some things like adding a firewall to protect your hosting server, store file permission on critical files, and use a strong SSH username and password for your secure website.

Strong passwords

Using weak login access is the same as dropping your home key at your door side. But a strong password is necessary for your secure website. Use the password tool to check your password strength. Use two-factor authentication for better security, update your security plugins regularly.

Use security plugins

Most hackers hack your website through poorly coded plugins, they find these types of plugins and insert code in plugins and hack your website. so, use security plugins to secure your website.

WordPress provides you with the most efficient and low price security plugins with lots of new features. Make sure in your plugins must these things like malware cleanup, firewall, penetration testing, and two-factor authentication feature, All these things help you to make your website secure.

Get SSL certificate

SSL certificate is necessary for your WooCommerce store, SSL full form is Secure Socket Layer, and it’s used to make a secure connection between two machines on the internet one is your and the other is server machines.

When you buy an SSL certificate then customers feel trust in your site because every user wants a padlock in their address bar when they are buying and browsing your product or services.

Secure connection

A secure connection makes your customers feel safe browsing your site and their information is safe. After launching your eCommerce store most business owners focus on functionality and security is not their priority. but once you launch your site you need to focus on providing great content with great WooCommerce security.

Disable file editing

Another effective way to stop hacking is to disable file editing through the WordPress admin panel, In case a hacker access your WordPress admin panel but he/she is not able to edit your source file.

If you want to disable to edit your file you need to add the following code to your config.PHP file define(‘disallow_file_edit’, true);

Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks

If you want to improve your wooCommerce security then must disable your pingback and trackbacks because nowadays it’s rarely used in WooCommerce stores. Also it’s a chance to pingback and trackbacks send spam to your website, So if you need to disable this feature you need to add the following code to . Htaccess file.

<Files xmlrpc.php>

Order Deny,Allow

Deny from all