Every business owner wants to grow their business faster, but it’s not easy to increase your sales instantly. Those who want to grow their business, shopify is one of the best options, and it will help to increase your business sales instantly.

Shopify is one of the best ways to set up your eCommerce store. also shopify gives you hundreds of shopify apps to grow your business.

In this blog we will discuss Top 10 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Instantly and all these apps help you to increase your business sales and improve your business ROI.

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Optinmonster is one of the most popular conversion optimization software to help you to get more email subscribers and increase your overall sales conversion. This is one of the best powerful customer lead generation software.

The optinmonster comes with lots of premium features such as onsite retargeting, follow up campaigns, real time personalization, coupon wheel campaigns, success script, manychat integration, adblock detection, custom branding and more.


Trustpulse is another shopify app for increasing your sales instantly, also trust pulse is an honest marketing platform that works to leverage social proof and build trust with your site visitors.

With help of trustplus you don’t need to code for it and its simple set up and gives you real results. Also, trustplus comes with lots of features like instant lift, real time tracking, showcase activity, smart targeting, flexible design, and no code needed for installation.

Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is another most popular shopify app and it gives you customers incentives to refer their friend and so that’s why it helps you to increase your customers and improve your business ROI.

This shopify app price starts for $49 per month and it provides you automatic reward delivery and reminders options to your customers.

Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO is another shopify app for SEO issues and it will help to fix your Search engine optimization issues and help you to improve your website traffic. This app is available with a free and paid version and the app will help you to improve SEO ranking and drive more traffic to your store.

If you need more features in this app you need to buy a premium version of this app and price starting from $20 per month and you will get automatic SEO improvements, free install, instruction videos, premium support, powerful SEO control and more.

SEO Image Optimizer

In the 2020 era more than 27% of searches happen on Google images and people love to watch images on google. So every store owners need to app like SEO image optimizer and this theme comes with one click installation.

The theme comes with 2 different plan paid and free version apps. In this free plan you get images optimized for search engines, alt text optimization, image synchronization and check out new images.

Messenger Channel

Messenger channel shopify app is another popular app and most of people like this app to increase their sales, last few years people loves messaging app and its grow a rapidly, if you want to take this advantages of this trends with help of this app and increase your business ROI.

With help of this app you will sell more products and keep customers updated with messenger. Also the app price is totally free.

Facebook Channel

Facebook shop channel is another most favorite shopify app and with help of this app you will sell on facebook from the shop section in your facebook pages. The app is a totally free and free support option.

The facebook channel is the best shopify app to increase your sales because it gives you product recommendation support and other features like sell from your facebook page, share your collection on your post or group, post shoppable facebook photos.

Buy Button Channel

The buy button sales channel app is another popular shopify app for increasing sales instantly but in a very effective way. With the help of this app you can use it to create customized buttons and use them anywhere in your store.

This app price starting from $9 per month and you will integrate with anytype of technology like weebly, wix, wordpress  and squarespace. Also the app provide you embeddable product to your site so you can put your product anywhere in your website.


Instafeed is another most popular shopify app to increase your sales. This app will help you to fetch fresh content from your instagram feed automatically to your store.

The instafeed price starting from $3.99 per month and app include video and image support and update your feed automatically from instagram. also the app is lightweight and fully responsive.

One Click Social Login

One click social login is most popular for automatic social media login features. This app will help you to automatically signup  and log in integration with social media networks.This app saves your time and creates social media accounts automatically so you will sell your product easily.

One-click social media login price starting form $0.99 per month and pro plan is $9.99 per month. With this app you will get automatic social login, simplify customer signup and use the networking power.