2020 teaches us very tough lessons and 2021 is just around the corner and nothing will be the same ever again. After 2020 lots of businesses have to move their business online because of the ongoing pandemic.

Every customer focuses on the modern solution for their business and they need fast page loading speed  to batter experience for their customers. So developers need modern technologies to build these types of web apps or websites like react.JS.

Next.JS is also popular to build modern apps because next.js is also a javascript framework that enables you to build web apps using reactJS. With the help of nextjs you can make static and dynamic become one with automatic static optimization tools. Automatic static optimization helps you to build hybrid applications that contain both statically generated pages  and also server rendered pages and it will help you to increase your loading performance.

NextJS is one of the fastest growing React frameworks and Next.js has become most popular and widely used by most popular companies in the world like Uber, starbucks and netflix.

What can you build with Next.js?

Next Js helps you to build a number of interfaces and digital products like!

  1. Web portals
  2. Static websites
  3. Single web pages
  4. SaaS products
  5. eCommerce website
  6. MVP

Benefits of using nextjs


NextJS is one of the most popular javascript frameworks and it’s very fast to load. Next Js website is too fast (static site) so visitors feel more satisfied with the performance.

Development freedom

WordPress has limitations to add plugins, install templates and other restrictions. but next js gives you the total freedom to customize the frontend anywhere you want in your development. also you can make changes in your development without any limitations.

Responsiveness and Easy to customize

When you create your app with next js then it works on any type of device and adapts any screen resolution so your customers or users access your website with their favorite devices. Next Js is also easy to customize, you can easily add or remove functionalities and features.

Data security

Nextjs is providing one of the best security features because they don’t need a direct connection to their database or any kind of dependencies. So you don’t worry about your sensitive information and these features make them safe and provide data security to your website.

Increased organic traffic

Google and other search engines love statics sites because they are very fast and light and very easy to scan by search engines. So it helps you to increase your ranking position in search results and it increases your organic website traffic.

Enhanced User Experience

Next Js user experience is unique and much popular also, Next js provide you with total freedom to create your front end and it fully feels your business goals and front end vision to your website.

Increased conversion rate

Next js help you to increase your conversion rate because the next js provide a good user experience, fast loading speed, and high accessibility help you to convert to higher conversion value.