According to research, People using more apps than desktop websites nowadays. and 20% of these apps open at least 50 times a day. So, that’s why every business needs their app (Android and iOS). 

Are you looking for a reliable platform to build your app? Flutter is one of the best platforms to build your app in android and iOS. flutter provides you the best tool to develop your app and helps you to make your development faster and better apps.

Flutter is Google UI framework to create native apps for mobile and web. Flutter is most popular and most used by millions of developers worldwide to create stunning UI for their app development.

Are you looking for Flutter App Developers? We PSDtoANY help you to develop your app, We will provide you with all the required code files to begin the development of any Flutter app. In this blog, we will discuss top 10 flutter development tools you will need as a beginner.

Adobe Plugins For Flutter

Adobe has recently launched plugins for adobe XD, It will help you to convert your design to flutter and its based on UI design through adobe XD. This plugins is totally open source and launched in 2020 with collaboration between google and adobe.

Android Studio

Android studio is another popular flutter development tool. Android studio has lots of new features like widget assistant, code completion, syntax, tech support and more.

Also Android studio has lots of features like APK analyzer, visual layout editor, fast emulator, intelligent code editor, real-time profilers, flexible build system.


Supernova is another popular flutter development tool that helps you to generate user interface code. supernova synchronizes code and design for your theme, patterns, components and tokens. It can also help you to design stylish widgets for your app.


Panache will help you to create beautiful and appealing themes. With help of panache you will customize your theme and download theme when you want. With help of panache you will customize widgets colors, shape and download your theme file. Panache creates a material theme for flutter applications.


Test magic is one of the best options to testing your app build on your real device. Test magic helps you to install and build apps on connected devices, apps run on CI/CD, and report feedback options.


Appetize is one of the most popular androids and iOS emulators and simulators. With the help of Appetizer, you can run native mobile apps in your browser and you can use it for app demos, customer support, training, development and more.

Appetize work with 3 easy steps: first upload your app, and then stream instantly and finally embed anywhere, you can run your app in any browser.


Codemagic is another popular flutter development tool and this tool will help you to boost your application development method. Codemagic helps you to build . APK/.AAB and .IPA and you will send them to google play store. Also, you can implement many tests like unit test, integration test and real devices test.


Screenshots is another popular flutter development tool and it helps you to Auto-generation of screenshots for android and apple using simulators, emulators and real devices. Screenshots is known as a standalone command-line utility and packages used to capture screenshot images for flutter development.

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is one of the most popular flutter development tools and highly recommended for flutter apps. This tool provides you Git control and debugging plugins option to manage your app. If you need more features then you will install more extensions to add a theme, new language, debuggers, and more.


Vysor is another best tool for flutter development and vysor puts your android app on your desktop. You can play games, use your existing apps, and control your android. You can do this using your USB cable. so you don’t need a data connection for this. If you want to use this you need to install vysor chrome extension.