According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 1.94 billion websites around the world. Most users will never visit and share them, But each of these sites makes contributions to new web development trends and unique features.

Nowadays eCommerce or content marketing, and websites have changed in the last 5 years, the old website is now transforming into web apps and it gives you a better user experience. 

Today In this blog we will discuss top web development trends in 2021. Also, are you planning to develop any web app then we PSDtoANY help you?  We offer secure and fast-loading web development services for your business.

Single Page Websites

Are you planning to complex and multiple web pages in 2021? Then think about a simple single-page website. because many companies like Apple used a single-page website for their product launch. It helps to find specific audiences and provide your audience with suitable content.

A single-page website is the best option for small businesses, startups, and product launches. a single-page website has lots of benefits like fast, responsive, SEO friendly, Better security, and more. And are you planning to build a single-page website then WordPress is the best option for you?

Single Page Applications

Single-page applications are most popular nowadays because of its attractive and fast loading capability. Also, API (Application programming interface) technology is a more advanced technology for building better single-page applications.

Single-page applications have lots of benefits like debugging with chrome, SEO friendly, fast and responsive, best security option, and linear user experience. Are You planning to build single page application, we PSDtoANY help you out, and our dedicated developers build stunning apps for your business.

Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is one of the most popular technologies in 2021. because people are now using smart speakers and eCommerce platforms are now integrated with these services. With help of voice recognition technology provide information to your consumers through smart speakers.

Voice commerce is a new purchase trend in 2021 from their smart speakers and they can listen to product information and simply purchase the product or add it to the cart in their product list. Whenever you create your website must add this feature to your website so it will help you to increase your business.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the trending technologies for web development, most IT firms are working to integrate solution-related AI. AI helps your business with predictive approaches and automation technology.

Artificial intelligence has lots of benefits for web development like smart decision making, automation, enhanced customer experience. research and data analysis, solving complex problems, business continuity, and more.


AMP  (accelerated mobile pages) is different from PWAs. The AMP pages provide your higher UX with lots of features. Also, the most unique feature of AMP is speed, AMP pages are fast-loading website pages and it helps you to improve your website ranking. AMP plugins are most popular for eye-catching user interface without any coding and make your web pages mobile-friendly.


chatbots are one of the most innovative and modern technologies, chatbots have advanced technology like voice recognition and cognitive intelligence. Chatbots help your customers to solve their questions, ask their problems and you will analyze these data and solve their solutions.

For example, if you have any issue with insurance, You go to the insurance website and find a chatbot and ask your question regarding the issue.


Progressive web apps is new age web development technology, PWAs is one type of web app but comes with advanced options like interactive web, offline mode, responsive web, and more. PWA is a combination of CSS, HTML, and javascript to deliver high-end web application

PWAs most popular features are offline more like an example of google maps, They provide offline maps so you can access without an internet connection. PWAs have lots of other benefits like increased mobile traffic, reduced use of device storage, increased conversions, and increased user engagement.