The angular framework has been showered upon intense recognition due to its features of eliminating unnecessary coding and making apps that are faster as well as lighter. 

Introduced in 2009, Angular is an open-source front-end type framework that was created for dynamic and modern web applications.  This framework is competent to build aging and dynamic single-page applications, also referred to as SPA’s along with features that include two-way binding, templating, modularization, AJAX handling. 

Angular has been reported to be used in various categories with over 18.47% in industry and business category, 5.75% in shopping, 5.49% in arts and entertainment, 5.10% in internet and telecommunication, and 65.2% in others. 

Check out the amazing benefits of Angular in hassle-free frontend development:

1. Code consistency 

Inconsistency in any coding system often leads to elevated costs or delayed launch of the application. Every coder wishes to have consistency in the coding. Therefore, with angular in action, they are able to successfully resonate with the viewers about the contents on a deeper level. 

The angular framework is typically based on components which are small interface elements that are independent of each other. Such provision provides you with numerous advantages that include improved readability, ease of maintenance along with simplified unit testing.

2. Typescript 

The angular framework mainly works on typescript language that is basically a subscript of JavaScript. It possesses important features such as those of providing intense security. One of the most important features it possesses is to eliminate errors while performing maintenance tasks and even while writing the code. 

Unlike other languages, Typescript is not a stand-alone language and therefore, it helps compile the existing code that it supports based on the configuration that is required by you. This language also aids in providing you with some of the crucial features like auto-completion, navigation, and refactoring. You are also provided with an option to opt-out of its features whenever you wish to. 

3. Simplified MVC pattern

The angular framework has a Model View Controller (MVC) embedded within it with the original architectural setup. This does not ask for the developer to split the application into different components and then unite them as a single unit. It basically asks for dividing the app and the arrangement itself takes care of everything else. The architecture of this MVC is way simpler due to which it does not require unnecessary coding. Thus, the resultant app developed is way lighter and faster. 

4. Easy Testing

When it comes to an angular framework, testing is pretty simple since the angular .js modules are offer easy to manipulate. With the presence of separate modules, one can now load the necessary information effectively and also run auto testing. One need not remember the order due to the provision of the one-file-one-module principle. 

5. Declarative UI

In order to define the UI of the application, the angular framework makes use of the HTML source since it is a declarative, intuitive and less convoluted language. In this way, you do not need to worry about the flow of the program or the order since angular will take care of everything. 


The angular framework does not require any kind of additional setter functions. It works on POJO which enables effective object manipulation through all the functionalities of conventional JavaScript. The objects can be added, removed, and also looped when required. 

7. Supported by Google 

One of the most important benefits of the angular framework is that it is supported by Google. Their team ensures the stability of angular throughout. Besides this, Google’s long-term support also ensures the growth of this framework. 


These are some of the most crucial reasons why angular has been rising in terms of its popularity in various categories of application due to the numerous benefits it imposes on the developer. PSDtoANY provides excellent rapid application development using the Angular framework. Contact them for making your dream project a reality.