ReactJS is a popular open-source javascript library known for creating dynamic responsive user interfaces. According to over 10000+ websites currently using react, and the reason is react is open source and you will write clean code and modular with separate components.

ReactJS provides you component-based architecture and gives you a solution for developing fast and reliable front end for web and mobile applications. Also, reactjs is a lightweight library that only supports the UI components. React gives you lots of useful tools like flux and redux to easy development and you will easily integrate with other technology like react-native.

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Development efficiency

Reactjs gives you development efficiency so you will get higher quality and less development time. With reactJS, you will separate your project components so it’s easy to work and understand every component separately. Also, ReactJS gives you permission to write modular with clean code functionality.

Flexible and easy to maintain

ReactJS is very flexible and it’s easy to maintain your project, but not for large projects, react code is very easy to update and maintain with a modular structure. You will easily react to code and it’s very flexible to use. These flexible features save time and money for the long term.

SEO friendly

Make your website SEO friendly because google and other search engines can crawl easily and efficiently. Every website needs SEO-friendly code and high performance, Thanks to reactJS for optimized Search engine optimization and high performance. SEO friendly helps you to provide more visibility for your site. 

High performance

ReactJS is also known for high-speed performance for your app. The react libraries provide core features like server-side rendering and virtual dom help you to create large apps with high-performance speed.

Open, rich toolset

ReactJS is an open source and rich technology, also free for all with a rich ecosystem. ReactJS comes with lots of tools like Redux, flux, and nodeJS for backends with open source libraries. React is open source so most developers like to develop the app and provide a large number of toolsets free, so it reduces development cost.

Easy transition to React Native

ReactJS supports the easy transition to react-native. React native is the most popular mobile app development framework based on react. It’s a very easy job for a react developer to switch react-native to create an app with a native feel. Basically, some of the components and parts of react app can be reused in react native, so it will improve the development speed.

Strong community

React is the most reliable and up-to-date technology with a strong community. The react library is maintained by the company and more than 1000+ contributors worldwide. The most popular react contributors are a vibrant community and solid corporate support to make up to date react technology.