Are you looking for the best CMS platform to build your next website, Squarespace is the best CMS platform to build your site, also its easy platform to use and comes with a clean interface. Squarespace is a perfect solution for small and midsize website development.

Squarespace is popular for their speed and security features. Also, if you have your own design and want to upload then you can upload your own design in template. Squarespace comes with lots of template options with a clean and modern design option for your website.

In this blog we will discuss why we choose squarespace and what the benefits of the squarespace development. Also if you have ready design and want to convert design to squarespace. we PSDtoANY help you. Our experts create responsive websites and adaptive layouts through PSD to Squarespace conversion services. Hire our experts to work for you on your next project.

1. Speed and Security

Squarespace is very speed and secure CMS development over wordpress and wix because Squarespace is totally placed on cloud so you have no issue managing your server. Also, squarespace doesn’t allow third party widgets so you have no worry about hackers. Also, site loading speed in squarespace is too fast and reliable so it’s very helpful for users and also SEO friendly.

2. Modern design

Every website owner wants to clean, modern and updated websites look for their visitors, and updated design helps you to attract your customers and increase your sales. Squarespace offers your large numbers of eye catching themes with more flexibility and integrated with eCommerce.

Squarespace has all kinds of themes like local business, online store, portfolio, photography, events, wedding, restaurants, real estate and much more. The most popular squarespace theme is bailard, paloma, nolan, beaumont, clarkson,pazari, vandam and many more.

3. Integrated E-Commerce

eCommerce business is booming nowadays and every business owner needs to open their online business. Squarespace provides you the best solution for your eCommerce business, it provides integration with paypal and stripe to sell your product and services.

4. Social Integration

Social media integration is a necessary part of every business website, through social media customers can see your business activity and events information. Many CMS platforms offer you functionality to link your social site but Squarespace gives you customized widgets to make your social media streaming like the original design.

Also, squarespace popular features is pull in post and fetch photos from client facebook and instagram accounts. And you can integrate your events, booking calendars and much more.

5. Compatible Across All Platforms and Devices

According to the analysis 50 to 60% of site traffic comes from mobile devices, so make sure your site works on every device and its important things. Every wordpress template are responsive but squarespace has the flexibility built in and its work on every device like mobile and desktop.

6. SEO friendly

Every website owner needs to have their website SEO friendly and well optimized for Search engine optimization. Squarespace gives you SEO friendly themes and the benefits of google and other search engines crawl your website pages very easily.

Squarespace optimized every on page factors like title, meta, keyword, URL structure and others. Every squarespace theme is SEO friendly so you don’t worry about your site not ranking and other search engines issues.

7. Simple User interface

The squarespace provides you a simple content management system and you will easily manage your site content. The Squarespace user interface is too easy and easy to understand with simple options. So you can manage and edit your content without breaking the design.