Static site generators have become the most popular website builder since 2016 and static site generators provide functionality to decoupling the build phase of the site from the actual hosting.  but building a website with a static site generator has never been easier. If you are looking for a static site generator then you will notice that there are lots of landscapes of static site generators and multiple options to choose them.

Static site generators have lots of advantages over other platforms like flexibility, high performance, reliability, security and more. Today’s in this blog we will discuss 7 reasons to use static site generators.


In CMS development constrain your options, because of CMS configure with database and particular fields, so if you want to Instagram widget to some pages then you will require a plugin for some custom functionality.

In static site generators they provide flexibility for your web development, They give you all widgets simply inserted into a file directly, so its easy to use customized services.

Better Performance

Most CMS gives you plugin-powered cache systems to ensure pages are generated and they will be reused when possible. But you need to manage that pages and regenerate cached pages.

But the static site generators are pre-cached pages and these pages never expire so you will get better performance for your website. In static site generators, all files can be minified for improved load time.

Improved Reliability

Compared to static site generators CMS is very complex, and with CMS development there are much drag and drop parts and points to failure, developing WordPress is a time-consuming process, also you need to face failure to establish database connection.

When you serve your user a static site then its less intensive and the server only needs to return the file.


In 2021 there are many reasons someone may want to hack your website like linking, advertising, traffic hijacking and more reasons, CMS provide less security features compared to the static sites, There are lots of options to entering your CMS site like poor coding plugins, poor password and more.

Static site generators provide the best security option compared to the CMS because a static site has no server side functionality, and the main thing is you can not access via database or scripting.

Client Control Considerations

When you will build a CMS theme for your client to trash their site it’s on your hand, CMS is not easy and when you install some plugins you can not change fonts, adding weird colors and corrupting layout.

A static site generator provides client control considerations and its use of markdown files. They provide simple workflows and use existing CMS.

Testing and Version Control

CMS database data is the most complex thing and you need to give permits for adding, deleting or changing the content and you need to do these activities regularly and have some chance to lose your data.

Static sites are safe way to manage your content and design in markdown files. Also you can manage version control systems like Git. WIth static sites you can implement a deployment system to build your website on staging server and then you can live your site with a live server after your content has been approved.

Fewer Server-side Dependencies

Normal WordPress installation requires such things like MySQL, WordPress application, necessary plugins, web server, PHP, and more.  All these dependencies must be managed by WordPress developers.

Static site generators are also lightweight and your website hosted by any web server and return HTML files. And you don’t need to install other plugins and processes or manage and update.