From a single page to Progressive web app its long journey, Also in 2021, there are lots of powerful web apps available like e-commerce, government, and more. Building this app can be time-consuming and costly but vue.JS is one of the best frameworks for developing clean and clear single-page web applications across the world.

Vue.JS was founded in 2014 and designed by Evan, VueJS is an open-source javascript framework used to create your single page application. In 2021, vuejs is one of the second most popular frameworks.

Vue.JS framework offers more features that help you to create your stunning single web app and today In this blog we will discuss Top 7 reasons why you should choose Vue.JS for web UI development.

Easy to learn

Vue.JS is one of the best and easily learn apps and that’s why most web app developers choose Vue.JS because of the smooth learning process.

If you want to learn Vue.JS then you must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript. If you have basic knowledge of this language then you can learn Vue.JS within two to three weeks.

Small Size

Vue.JS provides a small javascript framework compared to reactJS and angular.JS.  Let’s guess what’s the file size of the vue.JS file size, It’s too smallest one like 18 to 21 KB. This one feature is most popular in the developer community and anyone can easily download it within minutes.


Vue.JS provides flexibility in developing web apps like you can write code in javascript and HTML by using virtual nodes in the Vue.JS framework. This flexibility helps you to understand other popular frameworks like angular.JS and react.JS. Vue.JS provides lots of tools that you can integrate with your web apps.

Virtual DOM

Virtual Dom is one type of representing the actual DOM of a webpage with javascript. Vue.Js provides a virtual Dom facility and If you have a virtual DOM its means You will increase your performance enhancement. If you have a virtual DOM then you don’t need to re-render the complete DOM.

With help of virtual DOM, you get the programmatic power of javascript, and also you can make your code universal.


VueJS provides reactive features and this one is most useful and popular in the developer community. Reactive helps you too, whenever data value is changed, also the changes are automatically reflected in the web pages and get updated.

The reactive features save your development time and make your code concise and minimize the cognitive load.


Vue.JS is a very progressive framework and Vue.JS framework is specially designed to make it easy to integrate with various other libraries and frameworks. The framework also allows and enables the developers to use any other application structure. So that’s why vue.JS is a progressive framework.

Good Documentation

Vue.JS is the first choice of the web app developer community and is vue.JS good documentation and that’s another reason you should choose Vue.JS for your web development. Also, this document continuously updated and improved by itself. This kind of documentation prevents developer time and is helpful for faster development.