Website designing and online web stores significantly play an important role in the digital world. It is important to think about the cheapest, fastest, and the best platform to build a website.

Creating a website with WordPress is quite complicated. It involves setting up the front page, database, and code changes and creating a domain name and web hosting before installing WordPress.

WordPress vs. Wix vs. Shopify

Create a Website Using WordPress

WordPress is widely popular in the IT industry. The millions of websites are created in WordPress that includes 22% of the top 100 websites. It is a free, flexible, and most powerful platform for building a website.

The built plug-ins and themes enable the creation of a beautiful website with incredible functionality. The shopping cart system and a membership plug-in can be installed in a couple of clicks in WordPress. This enables the user to make use of a readymade plug-in without any coding knowledge.

How to build a website using Wix

Creating a website using Wix takes just ten minutes. It is extremely fast, quick, and easy to create but the problem over here is, you have only limited control in developing the website functionality.

For the customers who look for a website to promote their blogs, Wix will be a great option to implement in a matter of minutes.

Wix website builder

First, create an account and pick the convenient website template for your need. Wix has a huge number of free templates which can be selected from search easily. Once you have chosen the template use Wix Website editor to design the page and content of the website.

Once you are happy with your design and content just click on publish button to make it live. Enable search engine settings to create traffic on the web.

How to build a website using Shopify

Shopify is the best solution for the one who wants to create an online store. It is the best alternative to eCommerce solutions. Four plans are ranging from 14$ to 180$/month are available.

Shopify Pricing and Preview

Choose the plan based on the volume of goods you are selling online, how much traffic you are plan to receive, and gift card functionality options. Once you are done with start adding the products based on the selected website theme and make your website ready to live.

The advantage over Shopify is, it creates the best setup payment process for an eCommerce store, but the customer has to pay to Shopify every month towards membership plan, whereas Wix or WordPress does not cost more.


It is a big dilemma for a layman person to decide the platform or technology to build their website. Therefore, Book Your 30 Minutes no-obligation consultation today to determine the best and easy platform as per your need.