What is LMS (Learning Management System)?

LMS stands for learning management systems. LMS is one type of software program that helps you to manage, create and deliver online courses. WordPress LMS will help you to handle your documentation, administration, reporting, tracking, and delivery for your online courses..

Are you looking for an online course management system, WordPress provides the best LMS plugins for your online courses. With help of LMS plugins, you can easily turn your WordPress website into an online learning platform. The LMS plugins’ best benefit is you can manage, create and sell your online courses from your dashboard.

Today’s in this blog we will discuss the 7 best WordPress LMS plugins in 2021. And all these plugins help you to create your stunning online courses website through a WordPress website. If you are looking for a WordPress agency for your courses website then we PSDtoANY help you with that.

#1 LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the popular LMS plugins now, Learndash helps you to create and stunning online courses website, with all your function requirements like an online exam, and award certificates.


Learndash gives you more features like a one-time course purchase facility, regular membership, course licenses. Learndash pricing starts from $159 per year and you can add on some additional functions like wooCommerce, smartcart, zapier, stripe, and more add-ons.

Learndash comes with stunning online courses and is without restrictions like drag and drops course builder, flexible prerequisites, focus mode, and dynamic content delivery.

#2 LearnPress

LearnPress is another most popular LMS plugin because of its free of cost and gives you more functionality for your next online learning website. Learnpress WordPress plugins come with a setup wizard, it makes easy onboarding for all users.


Learnpress comes with a beautiful interface and you will create your stunning course dashboard and you will import and export courses. The learnpress plugins is light weight but if you need to expand with a powerful extension then this plugin supports grading, content drip and quizzes facility.

If you want to run your online courses in different languages like English, french, Indonesian, italian, german, polish, and Russian. Learnpress is a great option for those who want to create their free learning community and quizzes.

#3 Teachable

Teachable is another stunning online course creator tool that helps you to build your next online courses website. With teachable you can integrate your courses into your existing site or one more option is you can host your online courses on a teachable subdomain.


Teachable plugins price starting from $99 per month and this plugin is the best option for those running private tuitions and classes. Teachable provides you a most useful tool for your courses like discussion forums, quiz facility and gives you a better experience for your students

#4 LifterLMS

LifterLMS is one of the most flexible WordPress LMS for your online courses website. Also, you can expand your online courses by integrating with powerful extensions, including strips, PayPal integration, Mailchimp and more.


LifterLMS gives you lots of features like an industry-leading support desk, live onboarding calls, topic specifics training webinars, video tutorials, podcasts,  also student engagement features like certificates, social learning, and achievements badges.

LifterLMS plugins price starts from $99 per year and you can sell your online courses individually and manage your members-only pricing.

#5 WP Courseware

Wp courseware is another popular and easy-to-use solution for your next online course’s WordPress website.  The WP courseware comes with a drag and drop builder to make your development hassle-free. So once your course structure created then you need to just drag and drop as per your need.

WP Courseware

WP courseware prices start from $124.50 per year with stunning features like powerful quizzes so you can create advanced quizzes, set timers, and retake limits on your dashboard.  Also, it comes with advanced automation tools to send personal emails to every student’s activities. 

If you want to create your advanced featured online course then WP courseware is the best option for your next WordPress website development.

#6 Sensei

Sensei is built by the woo-commerce team, sensei is a WordPress based eCommerce plugin. This plugin is the most powerful plugin that transforms your WordPress website into an online courses website. Sensei is one of the best options for you if you want to create professional online courses for free.


Sensei is free of cost plugins and creating courses with sensei is easy and uncomplicated. But sensei gives you simple reporting facilities for an overview of your content, grades, certificates, and student registrations.

Sensei does not fully feature WordPress plugins like other LMS plugins and you will get limited extensions to enhance core functionalities.

#7 Namaste! LMS

Namaste LMS is another popular and free LMS plugins for WordPress. Also, this plugin allows you to set different rules for accessing courses for your students. The namaste LMS supports unlimited numbers of course assignments, students, and more.

Namaste! LMS

Namaste LMS gives you lots of features for your online courses like certificates functionality, grade system, badges, and progress bar functions. Compared to other LMS in WordPress, namaste LMS has limited add-ons and features.