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The history behind PSDtoANY.

PSDtoANY was founded by Chetan Sachania 10 years ago. He himself was an expert in field of web designing, web development and has worked as a creative web designer in his initial carrier. He was very keen to adopt new open source technologies in web design, development and decided to kick start PSDtoANY, where he was a single man army working on almost ANY type of CMS/Ecommerce development.

Today, PSDtoANY is a small group of Web Designers and Developers who are proficient in their fields of XHTML, CSS slicing and Theme development. They have expertise in Mobile and Web Apps development as well.

Our clients come from across the globe and we are privileged to work with some of our eminent customers. We help our customers achieving their ambitions and generate more profits by building a strong network.

Client Testimonials

I had the privilege of working with Pstoany during the development of my website. The team was extremely helpful from the get go and understood my unique approach to creating a website that was my own and would feature my work as a photographer. It was a stress free experience and could trust and rely on the teams advice on all technical aspects of this project. I would highly recommend their work to any organization.

Riaan Holtzhusen

I have had this issue with my startups website for a very long time. Tried couple of people but didnt work. Interestingly Tejas sent me a connect request on LinkedIn and we started talking. I asked him if he could look at my site which he did and confirmed that it can be fixed but how long would it take will only be confirmed once he gets more info. The next day I decided to go with him and try. My expectation was it was a day’s work. Chetan started looking into it and within 15 mins confirmed the issue, in the next 10 solved the first part. And in next hour completed the whole task. I was super happy and super pumped to see my website back live again. I would highly recommend Tejas and Chetan for any kind of work!

Hamza Afridi

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